Court-Ordered Rehab in Los Angeles: A Step Forward

Have you committed a crime due to an inability to control your actions as a result of addiction? If so, you very well may be a candidate for court-ordered rehab. Essentially, you (or someone you love) would receive rehab treatment in lieu of going to jail. As you might imagine, there are certain requirements that must be met to be eligible. Here at Arision, there are many reasons that those in need have chosen us for their rehab, whether from being Court-Ordered Rehab in Los Angeles or otherwise.

Who’s Eligible for Court-Ordered Rehab in Los Angeles

First, to be eligible, you cannot have previously gone to a court-ordered rehab. Beyond that, your crime must have been a direct or indirect result of your chemical dependence on drugs, alcohol, and so forth. Also, that crime must be nonviolent and you have to qualify for a probationary sentence. Additionally, the court has to believe that you would benefit from rehab, more so than going to jail. That’s very “broad strokes,” but it covers the gist of who is and is not eligible. If you have further questions, we are glad to answer them.

A Fresh Start to Break the Cycle

Many studies have shown that those who commit crimes due to chemical dependency and then go to a correctional facility more often than not continue their addiction. In addition to continuing to use inside, they may also abuse toxic substances once they have completed their sentence. That, of course, puts them at greater risk of committing another crime, potentially a worse one. Court-ordered rehab, on the other hand, offers an opportunity to break this cycle, to get clean, and to stay that way – thus building a better foundation for a better life once having left Arision.

Court-Ordered Rehab in Los Angeles

Arision Rehab: a Place to Set Your Burden of Addiction Down

The key word here is “opportunity.” In a very real way, that’s what court-ordered rehab is. Whether you arrive at Arision due to being ordered by a court or otherwise, we always provide a personalized treatment plan. Once you’re here, our staff will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your history, your physical health, mental health, addictions you’re struggling with, and more. From there, we’ll put together the best treatment for your specific needs, no matter how you came to us in the first place.

Help for All Who Need It

It’s important to keep in mind that by no means do all of our patients come to us because they were ordered by a court to do so. Indeed, many come because they and/or those in their lives who care for them are worried that their addiction problems will, in time, eventually, lead to committing a crime. By reaching out to Arision Treatment earlier, you give yourself the best chance to start the life that you want to live today. To see how we can help or to begin intake, you can reach us through our site or give us a call.

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