Hydrocodone Addiction 

A semi-synthetic opioid, hydrocodone addiction is a serious, national problem. Thousands every year die from the abuse of these prescription painkillers. All too often, a person starts with a prescription for hydrocodone only for them to quickly slide into addiction. If you or someone you love is struggling with hydrocodone, Arision can help. Our expert medical staff can help you to safely detox from hydrocodone and then develop the kinds of life skills that will enable you to live healthily and happily moving forward.

Physical Signs of Hydrocodone Addiction 


Physical symptoms that can manifest from the abuse of hydrocodone can include: 

  • Nausea 
  • Seizures 
  • Confusion 
  • Inability To Concentrate 
  • Blurry Vision 
  • Problems Breathing 

While those worsen over time from hydrocodone abuse, they can appear early on. This is one more reason it’s all the more important to get professional help for problems with hydrocodone. 


Behavioral Signs of Hydrocodone Addiction 


Addiction to hydrocodone can cause people to behave in ways that they would never have otherwise. They might: 

  • Exaggerate or even fake symptoms for more hydrocodone
  • “Doctor shop,” finding other doctors in hopes of getting more prescriptions for hydrocodone. 
  • Performing poorly at work or school, even failing to attend 
  • Struggle with personal hygiene
  • Weight fluctuations 
  • Unable to stop abusing hydrocodone. 

As tolerance develops, some may even combine hydrocodone with other drugs, like cocaine, heroin, alcohol, and others. This can make the symptoms that much worse. As difficult as it may be to believe at times, there is help and there is hope. 


Call Arision Today 


Here at Arision, we have helped many to successfully not just detoxify from hydrocodone but to be able to develop coping skills for life. Many hydrocodone addicts start in detox. Through the process, our professional medical staff monitors patients and their withdrawal symptoms, so that they can come through detox as safely and comfortably as possible. 

Then, most move into our IOP or PHP. Both programs consist of individualized treatment plans. That way, the patient receives everything they need to be able to live their life on their terms. 

To start the process, message us through our site or call.


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