What is the Difference Between IOP and PHP?2023-09-27T21:31:07+00:00

At Arision, the most significant difference between our PHP and our IOP is how many treatment hours the patient receives. For example, our PHP often requires 25 to 30 hours a week whereas our IOP is significantly fewer hours than that. 

However, even though the IOP may be fewer hours here at Arision, the treatment is no less comprehensive. When you reach out to us, we’ll conduct a thorough evaluation to discover the right treatment program for your needs.

Can’t I Just Do Everything at an IOP at Home?2023-11-21T23:16:56+00:00

It’s perfectly understandable to think that you may be able to become sober and stay that way on your own, but it’s unlikely to be successful. All too often, this leads to relapse and worse. 

Even in the most supportive living situation, a person struggling with addiction and/or mental health disorders may have any number of stressors, triggers, temptations, and more that they are unable to successfully cope with. 

Beyond that, the underlying causes of your addiction and/or mental health struggles will continue to be that; underlying and unaddressed. Thus, any progress you make will almost inevitably be undone, thwarting your recovery journey before it starts. 

It’s worth it to reach out to us to see how we can help so that you give yourself the best possible chance at real, lasting success.

What is a “Holistic Approach”?2023-09-27T21:54:45+00:00

Taking a holistic approach means to treat the entire person. Instead of treating just the addiction, or just mental health disorders in isolation, holistic treatment treats the entire body. That way, the entire body can heal. With our holistic approach, the goal is to help restore a person’s mind, body, and spirit from the toll that addiction and mental health struggles may have taken.

Will I Need to Leave Work for Treatment at Arision?2023-08-24T23:03:18+00:00

You may not have to, depending on your situation. Many have been able to successfully maintain their work responsibilities while receiving treatment at Arision. 

While in our outpatient programs, you’ll return home at the end of every session. Thus, you’ll be able to continue with your daily life. 

We do recommend that you tell your employer about going to treatment. That way, you and your job can come to an understanding. In the event that you must take leave for mental health reasons and the like, we can assist you with all of the paperwork, etc.

What Are the Goals of Therapy in an IOP and PHP?2023-09-28T04:05:32+00:00

There are many, many goals that therapy in an IOP/PHP can help the patient to achieve. As the patient reaches each goal, our medical staff can adjust your treatment plan so that the next goal is within reach as well. Typically, these goals include building the kind of relapse prevention skills that will equip the patient with everything they need after their program has ended. That way, the patient can deal with triggers, the challenges of life, and anything else that could potentially threaten their progress. 

Along the way, patients will also learn how to minimize those cravings that they may have. Addictions, powerful as they are, are really symptoms of underlying causes. Therapy at Arision works with the patient to find what those underlying causes are so that they can be dealt with and, in time, overcome. In turn, this helps tremendously with substance use disorders as well as mental health concerns. 

How is Outpatient Treatment Different From Inpatient?2023-08-24T23:01:01+00:00

In an outpatient program, you go home at the end of the session. You return to your daily life. Then, when it’s time for the next session, you return. 

Inpatient treatment is just that: you stay there. You’re at the facility day and night, 24/7. So, even with remote considerations, those entering inpatient treatment are required to step away from their families, their jobs, their education, and so forth. 

With outpatient treatment, however, the patient can continue to go to work, to go to school. Yes, they can and should notify their boss, teachers, and the like, but with outpatient treatment, it is possible to receive treatment while meeting your obligations.

What is a Typical Day at Arision Like?2023-08-24T22:59:24+00:00

Every day here is different. Each of our patients is at a different place in their journey. That said, when the program begins, each session starts with a check-in. From there, it could be time for group therapy sessions. Moderated by our trained staff, in these, patients learn from each other while finding their voice, developing important life skills that will serve them long after they’ve left Arision. 

Or, it could be time for individual therapy. Our therapists don’t just help you to better deal with your symptoms, but rather, they work with you to discover the underlying causes of your symptoms. Then, in time, they work with you to overcome them. 

Family therapy sessions, skill development sessions, mindfulness, and many others – those are just some of what can constitute a typical day at Arision. All of it will be carefully integrated into your specific treatment plan.

How Are Your Programs Structured?2023-08-24T22:57:38+00:00

When you first come to Arision, you’ll undergo a thorough evaluation from our medical staff. This will cover your mental health and addiction concerns but it may also include questions about your past such as any medications, problems with your family, your job, where you live, and so forth. 

With that information, our team will create an individualized treatment plan just for your needs. This treatment plan can be altered as you progress so that you’re always receiving the exact right treatment for what you need right now. 

Patients who are in our PHP will be here less than those in our IOP. No matter which treatment program you’re in, we ensure that your treatment encompasses everything required for you to develop the kinds of skills that can serve you through your recovery journey.

How Do I Know if PHP or IOP is Right for Me?2023-08-24T22:56:00+00:00

Every patient is different with differing needs. That said, we have found that those who are most likely to be able to benefit from outpatient treatments like our IOP and PHP are those who have a support system they can rely on. Between their family members, friends, and others, they won’t leave Arision each night to an environment that makes them likely to relapse. 

Outpatient treatment can be an excellent fit for those who have obligations to their family, to their job, education, and so forth. With outpatient treatment, patients can manage these obligations while receiving the care and treatment they need. 

Moreover, outpatient programs can also be a great option for those who are motivated, who really do want to be able to receive lasting treatment so as to continue their recovery journey. 

Those are just some of the qualifications that make someone a good fit for outpatient treatment. For more, we encourage you to reach out to us.

How Does Arision Protect Privacy?2023-08-24T22:53:49+00:00

At Arision Treatment, we do everything possible to protect the personal data of our patients. It is perfectly understandable for any patient to be concerned about the security of their personal information. We do not inform anyone about our patient’s treatment. We see that as one more way that we can protect our patient’s confidentiality. If you have further questions about our specific methods for protecting the privacy of our patients, we encourage you to contact us through our site or call (888) 670-3226.

What is Dual Diagnosis?2023-08-24T22:51:59+00:00

Someone who has a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder at the same time is said to have a “dual diagnosis.” Synonyms include “co-morbidity” and “co-occurring disorder.” 

In this context, a “substance use disorder” is an addiction to alcohol drugs, or other substances. Depression and anxiety are among many other mental health conditions that can be considered mental health disorders. When they occur simultaneously, they can create a negative cycle. Many abuse substances to help alleviate the mental health disorders, only for that increase of substance abuse to exacerbate the mental health problems. 

Here at Arision, our dual diagnosis treatment treats both the mental health issues and the substance abuse disorders at the same time. For those who would benefit from dual diagnosis treatment, we integrate into your individualized treatment program. That way, we can best help you to not just overcome the symptoms of your co-occurring disorders, but rather, their underlying causes.

What Can Group Therapy Actually Do for Me?2023-07-10T20:05:59+00:00

Learn from others while finding your voice.

It’s natural not to want to speak up when you’re struggling with your mental health, addiction, and so forth. However, when you come to our welcoming, supportive groups, you can listen to others, discovering that the other folks in the group are going through similar (or even the same) struggles as you. Whether you’re at our IOP for mental health or addiction, this is true.

In time, you will most likely find (as so many have) that you have a connection to others. So, you’ll feel confident and empowered to speak up, to strengthen those social skills that may have weakened. Eventually, you could very well be the one that newer group members listen to and learn from. Along the way, you’ll develop relationships that can be of benefit during your time here as well as long after.

How Do I Know If IOP Will Help Me?2023-07-10T19:48:10+00:00

If you’re struggling with your mental health and/or addiction to the point where you’re having genuine difficulty functioning in your life, then our IOP in Woodland Hills can help.

For example, if you’ve tried to stop or even slow down your drinking/consumption of toxic substances and have been unable, IOP can be a good fit.

The same goes for your mental health: if you find that it’s a real struggle to get by in your day-to-day life, we very well may be able to help.

People who aren’t a good fit for IOP, we’ve found, are those whose struggles are greater or less than the criteria listed above.

To wit, if you pose an imminent danger to yourself or to others, then you require 24-hour observation, a higher level of care than our IOP provides.

Consequently, if you have mild symptoms, even very moderate ones, and thus are able to function in your day-to-day life without much in the way of difficulties, you most likely won’t be a good fit for our IOP either.

The above has been said, if you believe that you or someone you love could benefit from our services here at Arision, it’s worth reaching out.

Do You Accept Insurance?2023-07-10T19:44:15+00:00

Yes. If you are interested in receiving care at our intensive outpatient program in Woodland Hills, reach out to us. We work with many different insurance carriers. Whenever possible, we do everything in our power to be able to make it work with someone’s insurance. If you contact us, we can sit down with you and figure out exactly what we can do.  


You can reach us through this link to “Verify Insurance.” 

What Does Arision Treat?2023-07-10T19:29:36+00:00

Addiction and mental health struggles.

Many come to Arision intensive outpatient in Woodland Hills because they’ve been struggling with addictions to alcohol or to any number of drugs. To be clear, we don’t treat the addictions themselves in isolation. Instead, we treat the underlying causes of the addiction, of which, the addiction themselves are a symptom.

So, to use an example, if you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol, we don’t just treat “alcoholism,” not exactly. Instead, our team will work with you to discover exactly what it is inside you that’s causing you to drink to excess time and again. Then, we’ll help you to overcome that, which, in turn, will lead to you being able to that much more likely to avoid relapse.

Of course, you don’t have to be addicted to receive care here at Arision. We treat any number of mental health struggles as well, largely through the same methods listed above.

Through what’s called “dual diagnosis” treatment, we can treat addiction and mental health struggles simultaneously

How Does Arision IOP Work?2023-07-10T19:33:34+00:00

During our Intensive Outpatient Program in Woodland Hills, you’ll receive comprehensive treatment from our entire treatment team for hours during the day. Then, once the session is over, you’ll return home.

To go further in-depth, we have an extensive multidisciplinary team consisting of different kinds of medical professionals. During your time here, you’ll undergo genuinely intensive treatment all according to your personalized treatment plan.

This can consist of individual therapy, group therapy, educational sessions, life skills development, and much, much more. Your plan will also cover how many days a week you’re here as well.

Call today for more information!

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