Drug Addiction


Do you find yourself unable to stop using toxic substances? Have you tried to quit or even slow your usage only to find that it was impossible? No matter how committed you are to quitting drugs it may be impossible to do so by yourself. Chemical dependency is just that: your body is dependent upon the substance. Quitting without medical supervision and treatment can lead to serious problems. If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs, here at Arision, we can help to lay that burden down. 

Signs of Drug Addiction 

In addition to being unable to cease or even slow the use of a drug, other signs of drug addiction include losing interest in activities that you previously enjoyed, struggling with work/schooling/relationships/etc., fluctuations in sleeping habits, eating habits, and similar concerns. By that same token, you may find that you have to keep using the substance to feel as high as you once did, think about little else other than using it again, or any number of other dangerous activities. If you’ve noticed these signs or similar ones in yourself and others, we recommend you reach out for help, sooner vs. later. 

PHP and IOP 

Many go from detox to either our PHP or IOP. In our PHP (“partial hospitalization program,”) patients receive treatment from our staff many days of the week, with more treatment and more time spent at Arision than our IOP (“intensive outpatient program.”) To use an analogy, our IOP is more “part-time” and our PHP is “full-time,” but with both, you will spend the nights in your bed at home, with your support system, all while living your life. All treatment at Arision is specifically designed for our clients. 

Luxurious Amenities and Experienced Staff 

We understand that there are many IOP and PHP options throughout the Southern California area. To better serve those in need, we hired an experienced staff, almost all of which bring with them what worked at other facilities. Drawing upon their expertise, Arision utilizes amenities that have been proven to empower those in treatment, leading to ultimately better outcomes. 

Lay Your Burden Down Today 

Addiction is one of the most difficult challenges a person could ever face in their life. When you’re trying to quit, everything in your body may try to keep you from doing so. However, no matter how challenging it may get, there is help. There is a way to live the life that you want. For more information about how we can treat drug addiction as well as its underlying causes, message us through our site or give us a call. 


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