Klonopin Addiction

Klonopin, or as it’s also known, “Clonazepam,” is a prescription drug that can relax the body by slowing down brain activity. As such, it’s often prescribed for treating anxiety, sleep disorders, seizures, panic attacks, alcohol withdrawal, and similar concerns. Unfortunately, it is habit forming, and, all too often, those who were prescribed Klonopin become addicted. If you or someone you love is struggling with Klonopin, Arision treatment can help. Through our detox as well as our IOP and PHP, we can provide you with the caliber of individualized treatment to empower you to live a sober and happy life.

Physical Symptoms of Klonopin Addiction 


There are both short-term and long-term negative physical symptoms resulting from Klonopin abuse. The “long-term” ones may manifest relatively early. As such, it’s important to reach out for help if you find yourself abusing Klonopin and experiencing: 

  • Confusion 
  • Numbness
  • Your reaction time slowing down 
  • weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • Depression 
  • Difficult concentrating
  • Fainting
  • insomnia
  • Cognitive issues
  • Loss of memory

While many may think of Klonopin as less harmless than other addictive drugs, it is possible to overdose on Klonopin. If you believe that you may have a problem, the sooner you reach out for help, the sooner you can go through detox and receive helpful treatment. 


Behavioral Symptoms of Klonopin Addiction 


For many, the clearest behavioral sign of Klonopin addiction is continuing to use Klonopin after the end of their prescription, or in ways that their doctor did not prescribe. Additional behavioral signs of abusing Klonopin include: 

  • “Doctor shopping,” finding doctors who will continually prescribe more Klonopin
  • Avoiding family and friends
  • Financial problems as a result of spending too much on Klonopin
  • Withdrawing from activities and hobbies you had previously enjoyed
  • Poor performance at work or school, failing to attend 
  • Inability to stop or even cease abusing Klonopin. 

Abusing Klonopin is bad enough, but many also combine it with alcohol or other drugs. If you have exhibited any of these symptoms, it’s worth it to reach out to see how we can help. 


Arision Treatment for Klonopin Addiction 


Our trained, expert medical staff can apply a holistic approach to treating your Klonopin addiction. That way, we treat your entire person and not just your addiction. This usually starts with detox. There, our staff will monitor you throughout the process, alleviating any withdrawal symptoms in a safe, secure manner as they arise. That way, you can emerge from detox cleansed of toxins as comfortably as possible. 

Most then move into our PHP or IOP outpatient programs. There, each patient receives an individualized treatment plan for their exact, specific needs. This focuses not just on the Klonopin addiction, but rather, its underlying causes. By addressing them, we’re better able to help our patients to be able to stay healthy and sober long after they’ve left Arision. 

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