Addiction Treatment


  • PHP

The highest level and most intensive treatment program at Arision, PHP (“partial hospitalization program”) helps those who require a different caliber of treatment. A comprehensive form of treatment, patients receive care several days a week for several hours a day. However, when treatment is completed, patients return home to spend the night in their own beds. For those who have tried other forms of treatment and found them lacking, PHP may be the best option to help you to build a foundation for your recovery.

  • IOP

Join our welcoming community to continue your recovery journey. Therapy, group therapy, healthy eating, exercise at your pace, education, life skills building, and more – the Arision residential treatment program has been specifically designed to prepare patients for everything they will need to lead a healthy life of sobriety after they’ve completed the program. With a low staff-to-patient ratio and a community of peers who are facing the same struggles, you’ll be able to build a foundation for the rest of your life.

  • Dual Diagnosis

Many struggle with both addiction and their mental health simultaneously. Dual diagnosis, then, treats both simultaneously. Choosing to treat one or the other has been shown to actually be treating one at the expense of the other. To be able to help a person to stay sober and to improve their mental health, our trained staff works with each patient to discover the underlying causes of their addictions. Then, from there, personalized treatment empowers the patient to live their life on their terms.

  • Aftercare

Once residential treatment ends treatment from Arision does not. The aftercare program helps patients to build on what they have started at Arision, avoiding relapsing while embracing life. Aftercare touches on many aspects of the patient’s life, giving them the best possible opportunity to live how they want.

  • Alcohol Addiction

Do you drink alcohol every day or almost every day? Have you felt an intense craving for alcohol that makes it impossible for you to quit or even cut back? Does it feel as if you’re only “normal” when you’re consuming alcohol? Those are just some of the signs that you (or someone that you love) may have an issue with alcohol. Here at Arision, our personalized treatment for alcohol addiction can help you to not just get sober, but to lay the burden of alcohol down, so to speak, so that you’re free to live your life on your terms.

  • Drug Addiction

Do you find yourself unable to stop using toxic substances? Have you tried to quit or even slow your usage only to find that it was impossible? No matter how committed you are to quitting drugs it may be impossible to do so by yourself. Chemical dependency is just that: your body is dependent upon the substance. Quitting without medical supervision and treatment can lead to serious problems. If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs, here at Arision, we can help to lay that burden down.

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