Adderall Addiction

Commonly prescribed to help those with ADHD and narcolepsy, Adderall is too often abused by those who seek to improve their cognitive performance. While many think of Adderall as relatively harmless, the truth is that those struggling with Adderall can experience severe negative side effects, withdrawal symptoms, and may even risk overdose. If you or someone else is battling Adderall, we can help. At Arision, we can provide a holistic approach to Adderall treatment, so that you can cleanse yourself of Adderall and live the life that you want.

Physical Side Effects of Adderall 

Many start using Adderall because they want extra energy, to work longer, to boost their performance, and so forth. However, over time, abusing Adderall can lead to: 

  • Heart damage
  • Hallucinations
  • Skin disorders
  • Depression 
  • Fatigue
  • Powerful insomnia 
  • Headaches
  • Nausea

Those are just some of the negative side effects of abusing Adderall. There are many others. If you’ve been using Adderall and think you may be abusing it, it’s worth reaching out to someone who can help. 

Behavioral Side Effects of Adderall 

Initially, Adderall can make someone feel excited, like they can think better, they’re more talkative, even more social, and so forth. But, in time, Adderall abuse can lead to: 

  • Panic
  • Mania
  • Fear of being unable to procure Adderall.
  • Inability to perform at work or school, failing to attend 
  • Suicidal ideation 

It’s important to receive help before any of those symptoms manifest. The sooner you reach out to someone for help with Adderall abuse, the better off you will most likely be. 

Help for Adderall Addiction 

At Arision, we’ve been able to help many to not just eliminate their dependence on Adderall, but to also develop the kinds of coping skills they need to not take it anymore going forward. When most arrive for Adderall issues at Arision, they’ll go through our detox program. There, our staff will monitor their progress, helping with any withdrawal symptoms, so that patients can come through cleansed of toxins. 

Then, most move into our PHP or IOP programs. In both of these outpatient programs, we apply a holistic approach. We treat the whole person, not just your Adderall addiction. That way, we can work on the underlying causes of your Adderall addiction, so that you’ll be equipped to handle anything that comes your way once you’ve left Arision. 

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