Are you struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol but worry that stepping away from your job and/or schooling to receive treatment may lead to additional problems? Do you have mental health concerns and want to find treatment that can fit into your schedule? Those are just some of the reasons that patients have come to our IOP (“Intensive Outpatient Treatment”) here at Arision. Through this treatment program, we have helped many to receive the care they needed on a schedule that worked for them. 

How IOP Works 

“Intensive Outpatient” treatment is exactly what it sounds like: you’ll receive intensive treatment when you’re here but on an outpatient basis. So, after your treatment session ends, you’ll return home to your bed, to your support system, to your life. As such, you very well may be able to work your job, to go to school, to meet responsibilities all while receiving the kind of treatment that can help in a variety of ways.

What Our IOP Treats 

Arision IOP treats addiction as well as mental health concerns. We’ve been able to help those struggling with addictions to drugs and alcohol as well as those who struggle with depression, anxiety, and similar concerns. Some may struggle with both addiction and mental health concerns. For those patients, we provide dual diagnosis treatment, which treats both simultaneously. When you begin intake at Arision, you’ll undergo a thorough evaluation from our staff. Using that data, they’ll create an individualized treatment plan to help you to develop the skills you need while meeting all of your goals. 

How Treatment Works 

At Arision, our staff provides personalized treatment, designed to meet your specific needs. Addiction and mental health concerns, challenging and difficult as they may be, are symptoms. Specifically, they’re symptoms of some underlying cause, an underlying trauma. Through therapy, education, activities, and so much more, we can work with you to discover what those traumas are, and, in time, to overcome them. By doing so, patients are able to develop the kinds of coping skills that will serve them long after they leave Arision. 

A Good Day to Start IOP 

Whenever possible, we do everything we can to fit our IOP around your schedule. That way, you can receive the treatment you need and then be able to incorporate it into your life. By doing so, you can take your next steps towards recovering and, ultimately, living the life that you want. To start the intake process or to learn more, you can message us through our site or call. 


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