Are you searching for an IOP that doesn’t stop providing treatment after your IOP term has ended? Do you want treatment for the best possible chance to avoid relapse? At Ariston, we’ve created an aftercare program that really does provide care after you’ve finished your IOP. We understand that just because you’ve graduated from our IOP, your treatment and your recovery don’t end. Indeed, they’re really just getting started. As such, aftercare can help you to live a life that’s healthy and happy as well as sober going forward.

Personalized Care After You Leave

Just as with our intensive outpatient program as well as our partial hospitalization program, aftercare treatment from Arision is personalized to the needs of each patient. That way, you’ll get what you need to be able to start the next phase of your life on a firmer, more stable foundation. In fact, speaking of “foundation,” we don’t just start on what will be your aftercare on the day your IOP ends or even shortly before. Instead, we’ll set up what will be your aftercare treatment early on, so that you can receive seamless, integrated treatment every step of the way. 

All Centered Around One Goal 

Aftercare is all about putting you in the best possible position to avoid relapse. It’s one thing to navigate triggers, avoid temptations, and the like when you go home at night from our IOP or PHP; it’s something else entirely to do so when you aren’t going back to Arision for your next session. Our staff works with you to help you to build and develop the skills you’ll need to be able to handle what you encounter in life. 

Alumni, Skill Building, and More 

We couldn’t be more proud of the community we’ve built here at Arision. You’ll be welcomed from the moment you arrive here, whether for IOP, PHP, etc. That said, you’ll always be a part of our community, too. Indeed, that forms the backbone of not just our treatment, but our aftercare treatment as well. Arision alumni can help you to live how you want and to keep from placing the burden of addiction or mental health problems back on your shoulders. 

Care Before Aftercare Can Start Today 

When someone completes their treatment at Arision, it’s always very emotional. To see how far they’ve come, what they overcame to do so, and how ready they are to move on with their life – it’s something that no member of our staff or community ever forgets. That said, no one is ever really “gone” – they’ve just moved into aftercare, where they can be ready to face life’s next challenges head-on. Getting there, though, requires the hard yet rewarding work of IOP, PHP, or the like. To see how we can help, message us through our site or call. 


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