Does it feel like you’re struggling with your mental health and there’s nothing you can do? Have you tried to quit using drugs and alcohol but are unable? Even when it may seem like you’re out of chances, there is hope. We designed Arision Treatment to be more than just an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center. We can also help to improve your mental health, too. 

Some come here for their mental health, some for addiction struggles, and some are dealing with both. What’s called “dual diagnosis” treatment addresses both simultaneously. Through our PHP, IOP, and aftercare program, we’ve been able to help so many who were in the position that you are right now. 

Arision’s PHP: A Comprehensive Treatment

Our most intensive treatment. Those in our PHP program are here for several hours a day, five days a week. This isn’t a “residential” treatment, (you don’t stay here), but, you’re here for a significant portion of the day. 

In our PHP, we provide individualized treatment for mental health and/or addiction. How? Upon your arrival, a dedicated member of our team will oversee an in-depth evaluation, encapsulating your physical and mental health, background, and much more. Utilizing this critical data, we will formulate a treatment plan that perfectly caters to you.

Achieving Superior Results through Intense Care in PHP 

Through a combination of individual and group therapy, our experienced counselors will aid you in managing your addiction and/or mental health challenges better. This approach ensures that we address the root causes of your addiction and mental health concerns simultaneously. 

All our treatment plans are crafted to enable you to uncover the underlying triggers, that of which your addiction and mental health disorders are symptoms. By identifying and addressing these, you will be better equipped to not just let go of the impacts of your addictions and your mental health hardships, but to, in time, overcome them. 

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) at Arision 

Those in our IOP are here for fewer hours than those in the PHP. They’ll be here for fewer hours, fewer days. However, the treatment itself is no less intensive. 

The concept behind “Intensive Outpatient” treatment is quite straightforward: it entails receiving intensive therapy while remaining an outpatient, allowing you to return to the comforts of your home, your support network, and your daily routine once the session concludes. This flexibility means you can potentially continue working, attending school, and fulfilling responsibilities while benefiting from treatment.

Approach to Treatment at our IOP 

At Arision, our approach revolves around delivering customized treatment strategies aligned with your specific requirements. 

Through a blend of therapy, educational sessions, recreational activities, and more, we collaborate with you to unearth and confront these underlying traumas, empowering you to overcome them gradually. This process equips patients with invaluable coping mechanisms that endure long after their time at Arision.

We endeavor to accommodate your schedule as much as possible to seamlessly integrate our IOP into your daily life. This ensures you can access the necessary treatment while still navigating your routine commitments. 

By taking this proactive step towards recovery, you set yourself on the path to reclaiming the life you desire. 

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The Journey Beyond: Aftercare

Many of our patients begin their journey in our PHP and then, as they meet their goals, move into our IOP. Once they’ve moved through that, we are still able to provide helpful support. 

At Arision, we’ve engineered an aftercare program that genuinely continues to provide care long after you’ve concluded your IOP. We acknowledge that your treatment and recovery journey doesn’t cease merely because you’ve graduated from our IOP. 

Our aftercare initiative can guide you to lead a fulfilling life characterized by health, happiness, and sobriety.

Customized Care: A Transition to Stability

Just as we personalize our IOP and PHP, aftercare at Arision is also tailored based on individual patient needs. This way, you receive precisely what you need to initiate the next chapter of your life on a solid and stable foundation. 

We don’t wait until the conclusion of your IOP to plan your aftercare; we start on it right from the beginning for a seamless, integrated treatment experience.

Always Focused on What Matters 

Our aftercare is singularly focused on setting you up to evade relapse. It’s one aspect to steer clear of triggers and temptations when you go back from our IOP or PHP; it’s entirely another to do so when your sessions at Arision have concluded. Our team assists you in honing the essential skills to face life’s challenges confidently and successfully. 

Alumni, Skill Enhancement, and Beyond

We take immense pride in the community we’ve created at Arision. From your arrival for either our IOP, PHP, or any other program, you’ll be a part of our community, welcomed with open arms. That doesn’t end with your graduation. This sense of belonging not only defines our treatment approach but also our aftercare program.

The Doors of Our Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center are Open 

If you’re facing challenges with your mental health or battling an addiction, support is within reach. You don’t have to tackle this alone. Seek the help you need without compromising your commitments. Contact us through our website or give us a call to discover how our drug rehabilitation center can assist you.