Have you or someone you love been ordered by a court to attend an IOP? Are you looking for the right court-ordered IOP for your needs? Here at Arision, we have helped many who were ordered by a court to receive care for their addiction. We understand your situation. From the moment you arrive, our staff can create a personalized treatment plan for your needs, so that you can fulfill your court-ordered obligations and stay clean, sober, and healthy moving forward. 

A Compassionate, Welcoming Environment 

That’s what we’ve fostered here at Arision. From our multidisciplinary staff to everyone you’ll meet in your group therapy, ours is a supportive community. There is no judgment here, just a place for you to learn, grow, and start anew. We don’t just focus on your addiction, symptoms, and so forth. Instead, we treat its underlying causes, that which causes your addiction. Through this, we’ve found we’re able to provide the kind of care that lasts, that empowers those who came to us through a court order to be sober and happy long after they’ve left Arision. 

The Skills You’ll Need to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges 

The above has been said, your time at Arision will not be spent exclusively in therapy, not in the least. Indeed, you’ll be taught essentially all there is to know about your condition, the skills you’ll need to better manage it, avoid relapse, deal with triggers/stress, and so much more. By developing and ultimately mastering these, you will have everything necessary to be able to lead the life that you want even after your time at Arision has come to an end. 

Court Ordered IOP Experience 

You will not be, by any means, the first person at Arision to have arrived here through a court order. Additionally, almost invariably, you will not be the only person at Arision during your time who is there due to court orders. We have helped many who came to us under less-than-ideal circumstances to find in themselves what they needed. From our counselors to our chef and everyone in between, our team knows how to help those who were sent to us from a court so that they can receive everything they need from their personalized treatment plan. 

Court Ordered IOP

Here to Help When You’re Here and Once You Leave 

When we say that “ours is a welcoming community,” that doesn’t change just because you’ve completed your program. No, aftercare is a significant portion of what we offer here at Arision. So many have already come to us from being ordered by a court only to find, grow, and develop the kinds of lasting connections that go on. We understand how stressful and even scared you might be to find an IOP after a court has ordered you to do so. To see how we can help, we strongly encourage you to message us through our site or to give us a call.