Have you been researching the benefits of outpatient treatment programs only to find that they all sound more or less the same? Are you looking for a unique treatment that you can’t find anywhere else? Indeed, that’s what we do at Arision. We offer the caliber of outpatient treatment programs Woodland Hills and the surrounding area deserves. That said, there are some benefits to an IOP or PHP that we find many aren’t necessarily aware of. These very well may be a part of your personalized treatment program when you’re here. 

Avoiding Isolation

Many who go to residential treatment programs find that, ultimately, they’re somewhat isolated. Yes, there may be staff and other patients around (depending on the staff-to-patient ratio) but, people find that they’re isolated from the rest of their lives. They’re isolated from work, school, their families, their friends, support systems, and so forth. That doesn’t happen with our IOP or PHP. Instead, you’ll go home at the end of the night, so that you can put into practice everything you learned and worked on here. 

Improved Tolerance for Distress

When you’re struggling with addiction and/or your mental health, there are any number of triggers that could potentially, when you’re out in the world, cause you to relapse, to struggle. Many of them involve some level of distress. In a crisis, when faced with something stressful, you may feel out of control, like you can’t tolerate it. That’s something we can work with you on. So many of our personalized treatment programs focus on helping our patients to better be able to handle stressors in their lives in healthy, positive ways. 

Better Emotional Regulation 

Do you ever feel like sometimes you can’t control your emotions? You may feel very anxious, angry, or in some other way that leaves you unable to make decisions how you would like. Many of our personalized treatment plans involve improving your emotional regulation. Through this, you can develop the skills necessary to rethink and reframe situations so that they don’t make you as angry, they don’t trigger that same level of anxiety, fear, and the like. That way, you can stay calmer and feel happier come what may. In turn, this can help you to feel less stressed and makes it all the more likely that you won’t relapse. 

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Personalized Outpatient Treatment Programs in Woodland Hills 

To reiterate, all of our treatment programs here at Arision are personalized to your specific needs. Yes, what’s mentioned has been a part of many folks’ treatment. That said, they may not be a part of yours. When you arrive here, you’ll go through a comprehensive evaluation from our trained staff. They’ll determine exactly what treatment is right for you and then get right to work implementing it. Once that’s done, you can begin a PHP or IOP to take the next step forward in your life. To learn more or to start the intake process, you can message us through our site or give us a call.