Someone who has a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder at the same time is said to have a “dual diagnosis.” Synonyms include “co-morbidity” and “co-occurring disorder.” 

In this context, a “substance use disorder” is an addiction to alcohol drugs, or other substances. Depression and anxiety are among many other mental health conditions that can be considered mental health disorders. When they occur simultaneously, they can create a negative cycle. Many abuse substances to help alleviate the mental health disorders, only for that increase of substance abuse to exacerbate the mental health problems. 

Here at Arision, our dual diagnosis treatment treats both the mental health issues and the substance abuse disorders at the same time. For those who would benefit from dual diagnosis treatment, we integrate into your individualized treatment program. That way, we can best help you to not just overcome the symptoms of your co-occurring disorders, but rather, their underlying causes.