Addiction and mental health struggles.

Many come to Arision intensive outpatient in Woodland Hills because they’ve been struggling with addictions to alcohol or to any number of drugs. To be clear, we don’t treat the addictions themselves in isolation. Instead, we treat the underlying causes of the addiction, of which, the addiction themselves are a symptom.

So, to use an example, if you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol, we don’t just treat “alcoholism,” not exactly. Instead, our team will work with you to discover exactly what it is inside you that’s causing you to drink to excess time and again. Then, we’ll help you to overcome that, which, in turn, will lead to you being able to that much more likely to avoid relapse.

Of course, you don’t have to be addicted to receive care here at Arision. We treat any number of mental health struggles as well, largely through the same methods listed above.

Through what’s called “dual diagnosis” treatment, we can treat addiction and mental health struggles simultaneously